Encouragement for Athletes…and Everyone

Who doesn't get encouraged by Lebron James? This picture pumps me up!

Who doesn’t get encouraged by Lebron James? This picture pumps me up!

Rifling through my journal I ran across a bunch of potential blog posts that have not yet been used.  Most are destined for our sailing blog, some are just for me and will stay that way.  However, I did run across these small words of encouragement.  I can’t remember the circumstances surrounding the small blurb but the message still rings clear.

Read this when training isn’t going so well.  Use this when your job stinks or your debts feel insurmountable.  Read this when you’re chasing your two year old around the house before bath time and he’s yelling, “Don’t touch me, Mommy!”

Small victories matter!The day is marked by small victories.  We ball up a piece of trash, taking adequate time-a welcomed distraction from work-to form it into the perfect miniature basketball.  We aim with our best LeBron focus, shoot for the trash can…and miss.  But this is where we won’t take “no” for an answer.  We cannot be satisfied with the rejection of a trash bin.  Nobody is watching.  Dejected we walk to the wastebasket.  We bend over, rebounding the ball, but do not go for the easy lay up.  We dribble back out to the three point line and shoot again.  Small victories matter!


About Ashley Chapman

Ashley is co-owner and operator of Evolve Freediving as well as a 3x World Record holder and 12x US National Record holder in freediving. She lives with her husband Ren and 3-year-old Ani on their trimaran sailboat in North Carolina in the summer months and the Caribbean in the winter.