Private Swim Lessons


All start dates begin on a Monday.  Classes are held Monday, Wednesday and Friday for six total sessions of 45 minutes each. For more information read the description below or call or email us to discuss the course. Click here to read about our instructors. Call or email with questions or interest.


Pay a 50% deposit per item


Schedule Length: 6 sessions over two weeks (negotiable), 30-45 minute sessions
Cost: $300
Optional Discount: Sibling discount.  If siblings are attending sessions together each child will be charged $25 less per child.

Discount code upon check out: “sibling”

Assessment of current skill level and goals
Personalized learning plan
“Homework” schedule for parents to continue growth and development

Thunder and Lightning Policy:
Swim courses will continue as long as thunder and lightning are greater than five miles away per instructors phone application. Less than five miles away and courses will be postponed for 30 minutes each time thunder or lightning is witnessed.  Courses can be cancelled in cold or rainy conditions without the presence of thunder or lightning.  It is at the discretion of the course instructor to cancel or reschedule a lesson due to inclement weather.

Make Up Days:
Any make up days needed due to cancellations will run over to the following week.

Click here to read about our Instructors

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