Lake Jocassee Depth Training August 4-7


4 day depth training by Evolve Freediving at Lake Jocassee, SC.

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Training Details

  • Direct coaching from Evolve Freediving
  • All disciplines allowed
  • Safety provided by Evolve
  • Daily plan curated to each diver’s goals and abilities
  • Stretching sessions
  • Daily use of floats, rig and lines
  • Warm up lines available 
  • One target line available 
  • Max depth: 60m
  • $100/day (4 day minimum)

Prerequisites: To attend the training session you must have proof of completion of the PFI Freediver level course or greater.  Equivalent credentials from other agencies accepted.  Divers will be depth restricted to the maximum allowable depth of their respective class. PFI Intermediates and greater will be allowed latitude to achieve new personal best depths.

  • Perfect For:
  • Becoming a safe freediver
  • Learning competitive diving techniques in a controlled envioronment
  • Getting deeper
  • Developing vital skills for both freediving and spearfishing
  • Becoming more comfortable in the water
  • Learning to use competition specific gear
  • Learning new freedive disciplines


  • Sample Schedule:
  • August 4-7: Stretching/Set-up, 9:00am-10:00am, Diving, 10:00am-2:00pm (or as needed)
  • Open water sessions will be held at Lake Jocassee in Devil’s Fork State Park. Admission Fees: $8 adults; $5/ SC seniors (age 65 & older); $4 children ages 6-15; ages 5 and under, free.


  • Required Gear:
  • mask
  • fins
  • snorkel
  • wetsuit (3mm in NC, variable in other locations)
  • weight belt/weights
  • timing device (dive computer or cheapo watch with stopwatch)
  • Optional: fluid goggles, nose clips, neck weights