Prerequisites: None
Perfect For:
Becoming a safe freediver
Learning both competitive and spearfishing diving techniques
Those who would like a personalized instruction experience
Those who have a group of family or friends interested in taking the course together
Those wanting and experience that includes potential spearfishing opportunities, wreck diving or other activities that cannot fit into a normal course schedule
Getting deeper
Developing vital skills for both freediving and spearfishing
Improving your static or dynamic skills
Learning to better manage your air while SCUBA diving
Becoming more comfortable in the water
Max Depth: Varies by course level
Course Length: Varies by course level
Course Cost:
1-3 Students $637.50 USD/per person
4-7 Students $552.50 USD/per person
8-10 Students $467.00 USD/per person
1-3 Students $1,237.50 USD/per person
4-7 Students $1,072.50 USD/per person
8-10 Students $907.00 USD/per person
Boat Cost:
Varies by location (typical rates; Wilmington $70/session, Florida $55/session, Roatan $15/session)
*schedule may vary depending on facilities at specific locations
Course Manual
Informational emails including course details and advice on how to best prepare for the course
A personalized experience tailored to the private group or individual’s interests
Day 1 classroom 8-2, pool 3-6
Day 2 pool 8-10, classroom 11-1, ocean 2-5
Day 3 classroom 8-1, ocean 2-5
Day 4 ocean 8-12
*schedule may vary depending on boat cost at specific locations
*ocean sessions in NC include a wreck dive with sharks after the course, weather permitting
*schedule may vary due to the interest of the private group
Gear Requirements:
We do not encourage people to purchase a new set of dive gear for this course as we will discuss proper freediving gear at length in class.  Bring whatever you already have, whether it’s Scuba gear, freedive gear, snorkel gear, or backyard swimming pool gear.  You will need the following in one shape or another:
wetsuit (3mm in NC, variable in other locations)
weight belt/weights
dive computer/timing device
You will also need:
bathing suit
writing utensil
water bottle
Contact: Ashley or Ren for information on scheduling a private course