East Hampton, NY (Long Island)

General information and for a map of Long Island, NY visit the link below.  This is also a great resource for travel information and a calendar of events.  Long Island is family friendly and offers a variety of options for family travel. www.discoverlongisland.com

Classroom sessions are located at “The Farm”. The Farm is a truly unique, family owned property in the heart of Easthampton. The Marders own and operate a landscaping company in the Hamptons which is reflected in their immaculate homestead. We will enjoy classroom sessions both in their historic farmhouse and outside in the yard, taking advantage of the perfect summer weather Long Island has to offer.

The Farm

745 Springs Fireplace Road

East Hampton, NY 11937

Open water sessions are ran through Mica Marder. The charter sessions run $80 per person and can be paid directly to the captain on the day of the session. On good weather days, we go for some fun after the session ends!

Harbor Marina

39 Gann Rd

East Hampton, NY 11937


A simple Google search will leave you with endless options for accommodations in the Easthampton area.  Since our classroom, confined water, and ocean sessions are conveniently located near each other we recommend searching in this area. Please refer to the map above.

Hotel prices throughout the Hamptons can be pricey and variable.  Unfortunately it takes a little searching to find just the right place, within budget and within range of the class.  We recommend also trying Airbnb and VRBO.


Managing flights may be a little tricky to Long Island depending on the starting destination. MacArthur airport in Islip, NY hosts Frontier, Southwest and American Airlines. Most locations can find flights on these major carriers, however they may be a bit more expensive than the other much larger airports. Please note that Islip is about an hour and a half drive to the Easthampton course location.

MacArthur Airport

100 Arrival Ave

Ronkonkoma, NY 11779


Car Rentals/Transportation:

Car rentals are available through the airport at the link below.


You may also decide to bypass the rental and try the train to Easthampton. The train can also serve all the way from NY city. The LIRR is extremely reliable. You can probably source rides to and from class/pool and ocean sessions with the other students or staff.