Distance learning is new to the rest of the world but Evolve Freediving has been extremely successful with implementing it for years. Distance freediving coaching is an easy way to improve your skills either as a competition diver or a spear fisherman and you are guaranteed to see results. Want to know the competition schedule? Check out AIDA or CMAS for all the latest events.

Freediving down during training coaching distance
Must fill out the Personal Training Questionnaire. Once the questionaire is completed, Ashley will contact you and discuss the plans associated with your distance freediving coaching. Best results are achieved through dedication to the program. Ashley has 3 world records and 17 national records so she knows what it takes to be the best.
Perfect For:
  • Those not able to travel for in water training who are willing to work remotely to improve their freediving skills.
  • Getting deeper
  • Honing skills before a freediving course, freediving competition, spearfishing trip
  • Improving your static or dynamic skills
  • Becoming more comfortable in the water
  • Becoming an overall stronger, more efficient and competent diver
  • Schedule Length: 1 calendar month
  • Schedule Cost: $150
  • Optional: Monthly meet-up to evaluate skills (pool or depth)
  • Assessment of current skill level and goals
  • Monthly training routine tailored to your skill level and personal goals
  • Weekly check-ins via email or Skype
Gear Requirements:
Internet connection