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Freediving Course Taught By One Of The Best

Take a freediving course from Evolve Freediving, one of the oldest freediving educational centers in the United States. Our Certification Courses are taught by 3x world record, 17x national record holder Ashley Chapman along with freediving safety expert Ren Chapman.

Evolve offers programs throughout the summer months as well as abroad in the winter months. View the full list of scheduled courses and take your freediving to the next level. Check out the newly added Spearfishing course and learn how to catch your own organic, healthy food from the sea.

How to Choose Which Freediving Course to Take

Level 1 Course (Freediver)

  • Perfect For:
  • Becoming a safe freediver
  • Learning both competitive and spearfishing diving techniques
  • Getting deeper
  • Developing vital skills for both freediving and spearfishing
  • Improving your static or dynamic skills
  • Learning to better manage your air while SCUBA diving
  • Becoming more comfortable in the water
  • Browse our course schedule

Level 2 Course (Intermediate)

Ren Chapman teaching freediving course on boat in grand Cayman

Basically the Intermediate is the Freediver course on steroids. You will learn everything that is taught in the level 1 course and more. We always say if you have the time and the money take the intermediate Course. It’s 4 additional hours of classroom, an additional pool session and an additional dive session. It is a game changer being able to go home, sleep on your first performances, digest what you learned and then come back the next day and improve. Browse our course schedule

PFI Freediving Certification Course

Evolve Freediving is proud to teach Performance Freediving International courses. PFI is the first and oldest running freediving organizations in North America and offers Freediving and Breath-Hold Survival courses to individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds and interests. These courses range from introductory level all the way to professional freediving and instructor courses.

Freediving Wetsuit and Gear Rental

Don’t have any gear? We have you covered. Evolve Freediving is now renting wetsuits and gear for our courses. If you like the gear, you can buy it. Top quality Oceaner wetsuits and an assortment of fins and mask to try.

Freediving Safety is Our Priority

Evolve’s Ren Chapman has written a comprehensive guideline for freediving competition safety and has as much experience with freediving related incidents as anyone. Read his guidelines here.

Take a FREE online freediving safety course with our friend Ted Harty of Immersion Freediving and never dive alone. Click for more info

Safety divers evacuate freediver clear blue water

Guided Spearfishing Trips

Evolve is proud to be teaming up with NC Spearfishing Adventures and will be offering guided trips off the North Carolina Coast. Let Ren or Brandon put you on the fish. Learn more at

Are you under the age of 18? Evolve Freediving is offering you 50% off tuition. Use promo code UNDER18 and dive with us.

Spearfishing Course

Our Spearfishing course is designed for those wishing to take his or her spearfishing to the next level with focus on safety and techniques. You must have taken an approved level 1 freediving course to attend this program. June 16-18. Read More

Baby freediving cenotes clear water light beams

Evolve is proud to offer
Swim Lessons

in Wilmington, NC area this summer beginning in June.
Designed for children ranging from 3 months to practically any age. Adult lessons available as well. Learn More

Learn to Freedive with Evolve Freediving

The number one rule in freediving is to NEVER DIVE ALONE so bring your dive buddy or buddies and receive a 10% discount for every one of them you bring. Use promo code BUDDYREFER and freedive like a pro.