Swim Instructors

Meet the Evolve Swim Instructors

Kelsey Humphrey

Evolve is happy to team up with Kelsey Humphrey. Originally from the sunshine state, Kelsey has over six years of competitive swimming experience. She attended the University of West Florida as a NCAA swimmer, where she earned two regional championships and one conference championship with her team. Kelsey has been teaching swim lessons to beginner and intermediate level swimmers for three years and has two years of youth swim team coaching experience. Additionally, Kelsey is a teacher at Topsail High School in Hampstead, NC. “Teaching a child to swim is one of life’s most rewarding lessons. You teach them swimming, but the children teach you so much more about trust and conquering fears that it makes a nice reminder of what you are actually capable of achieving.”



Ashley Chapman

Ashley after breaking U.S. National Records in FIM and CWT to 84 meters

Ashley has made a name for herself as one of the best freedivers in the world with 3 world records and 14 US national records in the sport. She currently holds all the US national records for depth while at the same time mothering a four year old and a six month old, both of which have lots of hours in the water already.

“I love freediving but my current focus is on my children. Ren and I live on a boat so it is very important to make sure the children can swim.  Much like competitive freediving, the goal has always been to create a sense of water comfort. Teaching our children to swim and in their own turn, freedive, has been even more rewarding than any record I ever set at depth.”

Ren Chapman

Ren has always been a product of water and teaching. He has over eight years experience teaching young children swimming and has even worked with UNCW’s Seahawk swimming program. “Children want to be in the water. They want to have fun. Combine the two and that is the key to success. As a parent, what more could you ask for.” 

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