Children’s Swim Lessons

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We have spent countless hours in the water with our daughter, Ani, through our freediving and travels aboard our sailing vessel, Jade.  Now, Evolve would love the opportunity to share our experience and in-water successes with you.  Let us help your child develop a love for the water.  Let us encourage your child to become competent to further enjoy the aquatic environment, not to mention gain skills that may save his/her life.

Allow 3x freediving world record holder, Ashley Chapman, coach your child to maximum water comfort!

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There are no prerequisites for our children’s swimming classes.  Each caretaker will be given a short questionnaire via email or telephone conversation so Evolve can garner information about the child’s experience and comfort levels in the water.

The first class will be used as an introductory session in which Evolve and the child meet and Evolve evaluates the child’s skill level in person in order to better develop a personalized learning plan.

Perfect For:
Infants needing to develop basic water comfort skills (We do not teach infant survival swim lessons)
Children of all ages who are ready to develop water comfort and swimming skills
Those wanting to learn in a personalized, private environment
Developing a dog paddle technique
Graduating from a dog paddle to freestyle or breast stroke technique
Encouraging children to swim underwater and dive
Teaching parents how to further develop skills with their children

Schedule Length: 6 sessions over two weeks (negotiable), 30-45 minute sessions
Schedule Cost: Initial cost $300 with the option to add further training sessions
Optional Discount: Sibling and friend discount.  If siblings or friends are attending sessions together each child will be charged at $200 instead of $300

Assessment of current skill level and goals
Personalized learning plan
“Homework” schedule for parents to continue growth and development


Equipment Recomendations:

Aqua Sphere Reef Toddler Swim and Snorkel Mask

No longer in production.  We have a small stock on hand for sale at $20/mask.  This is our #1 recommendation.

Check out or purchase here.


Aqua Sphere Seal Kid Swim Goggle

This mask is readily available online but lacks the nose pocket which we love as freedivers.  Of course, getting children comfortable with their nose completely exposed is also important.

Check out or purchase here.

Cressi Moon Kids Mask

This mask is our second choice.  Ani finds it almost as comfortable as the Reef.  Better yet, it is still in production!


Finis Long Floating Fin

These swim fins are available in a wide range of sizes allowing your child to grow with them. These are highly recommended.

A must!  Ani is much more proficient using her fins in both the ocean and pool.  Although we stress and practice all techniques for safe and competent swimming without fins, fins are a great way for kids to have extra fun, much easier, with more confidence and mobility.

Check out or purchase here.